Fixed rates. Flexible everything else.

Wildcat is an Ethereum protocol enabling undercollateralised on-chain credit facilities which a borrower can parameterise however they wish. Lenders benefit from novel interest rate and withdrawal mechanisms.

Designed by - and for - sophisticated actors in the financial markets space.

How Wildcat Works


Borrower Onboarding

Borrower sends Wildcat an onboarding request, and goes through a protocol KYC process to get an address authorised to deploy markets.


New Market Deployment

Borrowers specify terms of their markets at deployment: APR, maximum to borrow, reserve ratio, withdrawal cycle length, and more.


Lender Authorisation

Borrowers determine which addresses can lend to their markets. Wildcat does not constrain the lender selection process, deferring this to the borrower.


Lenders Deposit Assets

Lenders deposit their assets as credit, receiving interest-bearing debt tokens. These tokens are transferable: store/use them however you wish.


Borrowers Utilise Credit

Borrowers can now utilise a proportion of the credit extended to them, returning assets when called upon by lenders making withdrawal requests.


The Rest Is Up To You

Borrowers can adjust the APR and capacity of their markets according to their needs, subject to existing debt and liquid asset amounts in market reserves.


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A Simple Premise With Several Benefits


Flexible Borrowing, Arbitrary Purposes

Whether you are a market maker raising inventory, a fund seeking exposure or a DAO diversifying their assets, Wildcat markets can fit your purpose.


Eliminate Back-Office Costs on Loans

The flexibility of Wildcat market parameters combined with full visibility into actions taken and interest accrued can reduce administrative costs.


Simple Recording of On-Chain Debt

The rebasing nature of Wildcat market tokens allows lenders to know exactly how much they are owed at any given time by simply checking their balance.


Greater Visibility, Fewer Surprises

The digital asset industry is underpinned by loans affecting large groups of people with terms known only to a few. Wildcat markets bring these into the light.


A Reputational System Bootstrap

Good-faith engagement with Wildcat markets - without the oversight of a protocol dictating your terms - acts as a signal to identify responsible actors.

Transparency And Security By Design

Bringing credit agreements on-chain in a transparent manner is the entire point. Wildcat grants users access to a detailed view of all of their market parameters and logs for real-time monitoring.


Code Reviews and Ongoing Protection By:


The Purpose

Wildcat provides an unprecedented level of freedom for on-chain facilitation of credit.

We have some utilitarian beliefs about how on-chain credit should work.

We believe that people should be able to decide who to lend to or borrow from.

We believe that people should be able to decide credit terms that suit them.

We believe that people should be trusted with the freedom to contract.

The Wildcat Protocol - banking, but worse.